Client Services




SunCoast Land Services aims to be your one stop shop for seamlessly integrated land services and right of way needs. We’ve worked in every major shale play in the United States, doing everything from identifying productive wells to performing exhaustive title research. Our processes are proven, our practices are sound, and our results are unparalleled.

Oil and Gas


The SunCoast crew’s average level of experience is in excess of 10 years when combining our field supervisor and individual broker years in the business. We absolutely have the level of experience necessary to accurately evaluate mineral title ensuring your leases are acquired from the proper parties.

We also have the agility to do it quickly and in-budget. Being mobile in today’s business climate is essential to put manpower in the field in the quickest manner possible. SunCoast offers a variety of mobile crews tailored to your individual project needs. We consider no job assignment to be too far away, whether large or small, short or long term. At SunCoast, your complete satisfaction with our service is our highest priority.

At SunCoast, mineral title and lease data is uploaded from the broker in the field. Then all information is reviewed and compiled in-house to generate oil and gas leases, title reports and lease reports for quick turnaround, usually in 10 minutes once the data is approved. Executed leases, issued drafts, checks, W-9’s and completed lease packages are scanned on our secured web site for your review and approval on a 24/7 basis.

From our Oil and Gas Leasehold department, you can expect:

  • Research at applicable Commissioner Agencies identifying productive wells, units, commissioner units and current operators
  • Courthouse research to verify current operators lease position, working interest participants and third party leasehold within your area of interest
  • Oil and Gas Lease acquisitions, title reports, lease reports, CAD generated lease plats and lease schedules
  • Lease Take Offs and Area Checks
  • In-house due diligence, agency and records research associated with property acquisition and divestitures
  • A working file of related agreements, subsurface and surface agreements, pipeline rights of way, ingress and egress agreements, oil and gas lease options, surface and bottom hole agreements, damage releases, escrow agreements, affidavits and curative examples
  • Lease recordation, extensions and related instruments
  • The reception of calls and the mediation of issues between client and land/mineral owners



We know that actually finding oil or gas is only part of the battle for our clients. Once you’ve drilled successful wells, it’s of the utmost importance that you be able to transport that oil or gas to market. Not only do we have decades of pipeline services experience, but that experience has come from areas all across the United States. We know how to get the lifeblood of your company flowing.

SunCoast is in good standing with the Texas Real Estate Commission as a properly registered Easement or Right of Way Agent. Our experienced team of field personnel, supported by responsible field contacts with landowners, agencies, towns, cities and municipalities along with courthouse research, insure your right-of-ways are accurate and dependable.

The SunCoast right-of-way acquisition process is completely comprehensive and spans everything from pipeline route selection and ascertaining the validity of title to strategically acquiring the right-of-way.

The SunCoast Right-of-Way Acquisitions team will:

  • Support preliminary pipeline route selection with mapping information, assessment information, landowner contacts and coordination with design engineers, surveyors, environmentalist and company representatives, which translates into fewer re-route issues during the project
  • Identify landowners, highways, roads, waterways, etc. which the proposed pipeline will cross, map location of tracts and build project line list to associate with plats
  • Negotiate and secure survey permission to facilitate route selection
  • Research Public Records to determine ownership of tracts affected by proposed pipeline, along with preparation of Limited Title Reports. Research Public Records to determine third party encumbrances affecting the proposed pipeline route
  • Provide design engineers, surveyors, environmentalist and company representatives, Limited Title Reports, Survey Permission, etc. in hard copy form and electronic form for use in plat preparation, design parameters, route selection, etc.
  • Provide all pipeline right-of-way acquisition services, including negotiation, execution, and recordation of documents
  • Negotiate and acquire third party pipeline permits/crossing agreements
  • Obtain Pipeline Permits from Governmental Agencies, Towns, Cities, Municipalities, for the construction of pipelines, within their jurisdiction
  • Identify and Negotiate Surface Owner and Tenant Damages
  • Provide Construction Line List and associated plats for pre-bid and post-bid construction purposes, identifying right of way and other agreements and associated plats signed for each tract, evaluation of obligations with which to comply
  • Provide Final Packages for each tract affected by pipeline in both hard copy and in electronic version for client use
  • Provide all parties requiring the above information user secured and real time access to the SunCoast Land Services FTP Site created for your particular project, where you can view and print information as your needs require
  • Have crews available seven days a week

Renewable Energy


 SunCoast proudly offers Renewable Energy solutions, coast to coast.  Our renewable energy team can take you from concept to construction with our interconnected services expertise, awareness of federal legislation and municipal engagement issues.

Feasibility Studies – ensuring your project will be successful before you even begin

  • Environmental
  • Regulatory studies
  • Zoning restrictions

Activity Check – making certain there’s nothing standing in your way

  • 3rd party leasehold check
  • Interested parties list
  • Mapping/GIS reporting
  • Perpetual Surface Encumbrances

Title Research – the keystone to acquisition.  Fast, dependable, accurate

  • Tax assessment data
  • Courthouse research
  • Online title research
  • Title curative

Community Outreach – the local presence your project needs

  • Initialize project integration
  • Development, marketing and local outreach program
  • Town hall meetings
  • “Boots on ground” local presence
  • Localized office and phone number solutions

Acquisition Services – leading the industry, through experience

  • Met tower agreements
  • Wind turbine lease agreements
  • Solar farm lease development

Project Support – keeping your data organized and available in real time

  • Back office support
  • Document preparation
  • Line List development and maintenance
  • Project budget notifications
  • Professional staffing solutions
  • Integrated mapping/GIS services
  • Unlimited FTP access 24/7


and Title

With an average of 36 years of project management experience, we know the importance of providing seamless title services that are closely coordinated with our exploration and production and right of way acquisition activities.

In order to enable our clients to make the most prudent and aggressive decisions regarding leasing and right of way projects, we provide them with the highest level of accuracy possible with absolute immediacy. Our clients always have access to research data and results at any time through our secured FTP database.

SunCoast title services include:

  • Runsheet/Abstract preparation for Drilling and Division Order Title Opinions
  • Title curative
  • Pre- and post-asset acquisition Due Diligence
  • Title research and title certificates for Exploration and Production lease acquisition and Right of Way projects
  • BLM and State research
  • ALTA ownership, encumbrance and boundary reports for expedited real estate closings
  • Title data management with 24/7 access to a secured website



When it’s time to complete a deal, SunCoast Land Services offers a due diligence process that’s scalable and organized, while also incorporating customized solutions that fit your specific needs. You can trust us for the highest quality, timely, on-budget transactional services and documentation that help you turn real property into real assets.

Our team has worked land deals across America for more than 30 years, from the oil and gas industry to land transactions that pave the way for power plants, roads, wetlands projects and many others. We also have a deep understanding of what’s beneath the ground, and how that can impact your project.

With landmen strategically positioned in every major basin, we always have our ear to the ground. And with the depth of relationships we form, we are well-positioned to connect buyers and sellers and perform the critical due diligence needed for a successful deal.

No transaction or project is too complex for our talented professionals. With our experience, we know how to assemble and review pertinent land records, identify and cure title issues, digitize and virtually manage data, map proposed deal sites using the latest high-tech tools and identify obstacles before they become problematic. Our research is always thorough, discreet and timely, ensuring your deal gets done while avoiding surprises. It’s research and guidance you can believe in.

Our team of experienced professionals can provide:

  • Working Interest and Net Revenue Interest reports on a per lease or per well basis
  • Analysis of Joint Operating Agreements, Area of Mutual Interest, Drilling Program Obligations and other Seller Contracts that pertain to the assets
  • Title Opinion, Division Order and Pay Deck review for supporting ownership information
  • Secure electronic location for Purchase Sale Agreement Materials and Reports
  • Audit of Purchase Sale Agreement Exhibits and schedules for accuracy
  • Review of individual Lease Files for restrictive Clauses or Addendum
  • Mortgage/Deed of Trust, Lien, UCC Filing research and reporting


of Title

The SunCoast Abstracting Division has the experience to get the job done right, and the agility to get the job done quickly. We offer a complete range of title services and even offer custom designed research procedures for specialized projects.

In the SunCoast Abstracting Division we have a group of five project managers that represent over 125 years of experience in oil and gas projects. This means we offer a complete range of title services within the lower 48.

We have worked closely with title examiners in the states we serve and have title attorneys on our staff that are immediately available for consultation. Not only that, but with eight regional offices and more planned, we can mobilize experienced title crews of any size on short notice in order to best serve your needs.

The SunCoast Abstracting Division can provide you with:

  • Complete and Limited Abstracts of Title conveniently bound into volumes including an Index and a signed Certificate
  • Limited Title Certificates for special projects requiring a quick turnaround for information
  • Mineral Interest (Leasehold) ownership reports
  • 24/7 access to specialized/secured website to view all scanned information relative to project
  • Custom designed research procedures for special projects



The SunCoast Data Management team has the uncompromising commitment to best practices that keeps data management both cost and time efficient, no matter how big your prospect sizes get or how complex your data management needs.

Of course we’re always happy to see our clients coming in with increasingly larger prospect sizes. However, there’s no denying that these ballooning prospect sizes are making data management more complex. You need a Data Management team that does not compromise, has your best interests in mind, and can keep up with the industry’s shifting landscape.

Our innovative approach integrates digital mapping with a comprehensive relational database. A Microsoft Access Database running under our SQL Server is the underlying engine for all information manipulation allowing lease administration to be both cost and time efficient.

SunCoast has a system of checks and balances in place, verifying data integrity and assuring that our work product is correct the first time.

From the SunCoast Data Management department, you can expect:

  • Data entered into the system on user friendly digital forms
  • Customized queries and quality presentation reports to give project managers detailed illustrations and aid in daily decision making
  • Managed lessor payments relative to lease acquisitions and maintenance
  • Tracked transactions and generated reports for any level of payments
  • Data optimization, increased efficiencies
  • Easily evaluated statistical data and “what if” scenarios
  • Maintained data files with pertinent title changes
  • Analysis of data for budget projections and status reports


GIS and Mapping

Cartographic, GIS and Mapping products like detailed pipeline maps and leasehold maps are integral to the success of your project. Our Mapping Department, which has a combined 80 years of experience in all forms of mapping, will get you your mapping fast, accurate and in-budget.

We know your strategic decisions depend on having access to real-time information and analysis, including detailed pipeline maps, leasehold maps, and numerous other customized maps. By working hand in hand with clients and field brokers, SunCoast’s Mapping Department delivers the products that are critical to the success of your projects in a timely and cost effective manner. As part of your team, our Mapping Department knows you need your mapping to be accurate, fast and in-budget.

In the SunCoast Mapping Department, we offer:

  • GIS mapping utilizing client provided information, various government agency data, courthouse research, information provided by 3rd parties, etc. to create project driven maps
  • Databases created from information provided by local, state and federal agencies with the ability to extract and combine the data geographically to generate custom maps quickly and efficiently
  • The ability to mobilize and utilize multiple cartographers on a single urgent project in order to meet strict deadlines
  • 24/7 access to your confidential maps, reports and databases via our secured web site
  • Complete consultation and communication between SunCoast’s Mapping Department and our clients to expedite mapping services

2-D/3-D Seismic


The SunCoast permitting team consists of degreed professionals with specific oil and gas expertise, as well as right-of-way, seismic and site location experience. We also have expertise across multiple software platforms, including various database architectures ensuring the best fit with each client’s needs.

Whether it’s mapping to support a lease take-off or run sheet, well sites, drilling units, in-depth parcel databases, infrastructure and well data information, or any number of other projects, you can rely on SunCoast to help drive your bottom-line success.

We have a wealth of experience communicating and negotiating with private landowners, commercial landowners and local, state and national government offices — all of which is necessary to acquire approvals on 2D and 3D seismic permits in a timely and efficient manner.

We know the permitting process can be exhausting, so we contract skilled field agents to meet our clients’ needs by communicating pertinent project information throughout the process. We also recognize that landowners might not understand all of the information being delivered to them. To help with this, we contract experienced, knowledgeable field experts who can provide clear, detailed information. By informing and educating the landowners, our team is able to help them make the appropriate decisions quickly so the process continues seamlessly.

From the SunCoast team, you can expect:

  • Courthouse research of leasehold and working interest participants and determination of unleased surface and mineral owners assembled on a tract by tract basis
  • Permit, Lease Option and Right of First Preference acquisitions are supported with GIS technology and Database Management
  • Settlement of tenant and surface damages
  • Availability seven days a week


Contract Staffing

At SunCoast, we’re committed to helping you complete your projects and achieve your goals. That’s why not only do we offer a full suite of experienced, accurate and dependable land services, but we also offer in-house contract staffing to provide you with the men and women that will help make your projects a success.

SunCoast can provide your company with immediate access to a pool of highly-qualified land services professionals. We have talented project managers, right of way agents, landmen, negotiators, abstractors, GIS and mapping specialists, site acquisition agents, permit agents and more ready to mobilize and immediately become valuable members of your team.

We’ll work with you to identify your staffing needs and develop a scope of work, ultimately positioning your company to accomplish your task goals.

With SunCoast in-house contract staffing, you can expect:

  • Zero employment salary fee or finder’s fee charges
  • Specialized hourly rates based on scope of work, experience levels and discipline
  • Temporary placement
  • Temporary-to-permanent placement