Why Choose SunCoast?

The SunCoast


If we had to use one word to sum up what we have to offer, we’d say it all comes down to experience. The SunCoast experience. We’re proud to have been providing exceptional land services to valued clients in every significant oil shale deposit in the United States for over 35 years. So proud, in fact, that we’d like to share a few of our stats.

While we’re happy to let our experience speak for itself, we’d really rather speak to you directly so we can show you why letting our team become your team is the right choice.

The true meaning behind the SunCoast experience is the way it will feel like we’ve become your partners instead of just your contractors.



Our priority has always been providing our clients with unprecedented access to updated, accurate, real-time information. To that end, we have developed the SunCoast Project Manager, a powerful proprietary multi-module secure web based system that integrates Field Brokers, Project Managers, Interactive GIS Mapping, Clients and selected 3rd Parties.

The SunCoast Project Manager comes free with our services and provides:

  • Secure 24/7 real-time file access via “Files on Demand” with time stamping of file access for audit tracking
  • Built-in invoice accountability
  • Online title library access
  • Interactive GIS Map access, linking tract files and Google Maps
  • Live automatic client notification of AFE burn rate with cost breakdown
  • In-house travel agent requesting system
  • GIS Map links overlaying your project to public data such as State Data including wells files, state leases, state-claimed lands and waters, BLM data, wildlife management areas and more

Additionally, we utilize and have experience with the following programs and software:

  • iLandman
  • Bolo
  • Enertia
  • Excalibur
  • LeasePro
  • Amps
  • Ogsys
  • Total Land
  • Plan
  • Rig Data
  • Drilling Info
  • Blue Tick




In addition to being updated and accurate, our information and technology is secure and available to our clients 24/7. SunCoast manages a secure, resilient, co-located, fully-redundant infrastructure across two facilities in Lafayette and Houston to deliver maximum uptime and reliability with automatic failover services.

File corruption is protected against by server and workstation backups, with multiple redundant copies of all data in an undisclosed location with fire and waterproof storage. In the event of a power failure, the SunCoast server environment is covered by an array of battery backups and a generator hookup for long-term outage. SunCoast securely stores all data in-house. We do not store data in the cloud.

At SunCoast, our technical staff is constantly on the lookout for advancements in technology that may improve or simplify systems and user interactions in our rapidly changing industry. We’re proud of our proprietary technology and our secure protocols, but we’ll never stop pushing for progress and innovation.



Strong ethics are the backbone of the land services industry, and that’s why we’re always proudly in line with the AAPL Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. We’re also participants in the AAPL’s Company Recognition Program, which means we’ve committed to hiring landmen who are certified by the AAPL and are bound by the AAPL Code of Ethics. We are also in line with the ethics and standards of a wide range of local associations, including LAPL, HAPL, WHAPL, PLANO as well as the International Right of Way Association.

At SunCoast, we are also committed to being accountable to our clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That’s why we provide built-in accountability with our own proprietary SunCoast Project Manager program, as well as a number of the other programs we use. Our processes are proven and our complex system of checks and balances ensures your work product is right the first time, every time.

SunCoast’s emphasis on accountability, reliability and open communication is what has helped us form committed working relationships with over 240 clients. For more on what some of our clients have to say about working with us, please take a look at our testimonials.