Experience Assurance

In addition to being updated and accurate, our information and technology is secure and available to our clients 24/7. SunCoast manages a secure, resilient, co-located, fully-redundant infrastructure across two facilities in Lafayette and Houston to deliver maximum uptime and reliability with automatic failover services.

Protection against file corruption is mitigated by server and workstation backups, with multiple redundant copies of all data in an undisclosed location with fire and waterproof storage. In the event of a power failure, the SunCoast server environment is covered by an array of battery backups and a generator hookup to support operations during long-term power outages. SunCoast securely stores all data in-house. We do not store data in the cloud.

At SunCoast, our technical staff is constantly on the lookout for advancements in technology that may improve or simplify systems and user interactions in our rapidly changing industry. We’re proud of our proprietary technology and our secure protocols, but we’ll never stop pushing for progress and innovation.

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