No matter how big or small your project may be, how near or far from our corporate offices in Louisiana and Texas, or how long or short of a term we’re looking at, we pride ourselves on being able to quickly mobilize a crew tailored to your project’s specific needs.

SunCoast IT supports field offices around the country via redundant Internet-based VPNs back to our head offices in Lafayette and Houston. We set up remote locations with internet, multi-screen computers, copier, and scanners, and office furniture. Both printing and scanning are available from any location with centralized storage based in the enterprise server pool. For offices without available office space, we use a mobile scanner unit which can be deployed for immediate use in digitizing court documents or for due diligence.

No matter where you need us to be, we’ll be there, and with our extensive experience you can be sure we’ve worked there before. We’ve worked heavily in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi, all the way up to Montana and North Dakota, out east in Illinois and Ohio, and everywhere in between. We have experience in every major shale play in America.